Season 3 currently in production.

Case Specifications

  • Supports standard 60% PCBs w/ Cherry MX style switches
  • Fixed ANSI HHKB layout.
  • 5deg fixed angle.
  • Two piece design w/ integrated top-mounted plate
  • Hi-profile design.
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum case w/ aluminum bottom or under-glow nylon bottom.

PCB Specifications

  • Solderless design
  • Standard 60% footprint & mounting points
  • Hot swap sockets
  • RGB underglow
  • Fixed ANSI HHKB layout.
  • QMK support




The Tokyo60 is a compact HHKB-style board with a sleek, seamless design. Constructed with two pieces of 6000-series aluminum, the case is machined at a 5-degree angle. This angle, combined with the Cherry-profile keycaps, is optimized for an ergonomic feel. Built into the aluminum case, the integrated plate adds even more stability. Thanks to the hot-swap sockets on the PCB, you can swap in new switches in minutes without any soldering—so feel free to try a new feel whenever you want. With a fully programmable layout and RGB lighting, the board can be customized any way you like. For more on the Happy Hacking Keyboard style, check out this interview with the creator.

The idea behind the Tokyo60 was to create a keyboard that focuses on one design, one layout, and a handful of colors, rather than offering countless combinations that can lead to complications. Everything from the feel of the case to the anodized finish to the sound of bottoming out is a reflection of the time and effort that went into the design.

The Tokyo60 can be completely reprogrammed via QMK firmware. It also has customizable RGB underglow visible with an optional acrylic diffuser. You can position the acrylic diffuser on the bottom or sandwich it between the aluminum pieces, depending on your style. What’s more, at checkout, you’ll be able to add a wide range of switches to get just the feel you want.