Thank you for purchasing the tokyo60!
Here you will find a brief guide on how to assemble your new tokyo60 kit.

1) Place stabilizers on PCB and screw into place.

2) Snap a few switches into the case to center the PCB

3) Place the PCB into the case, USB end first. Push down so the switches snap into the PCB taking care not to bend any pins

4) Lightly screw the PCB into the top of the case. There are 6 screws in total.

5) Turn the case over and snap in the remaining switches, taking care not to bend any pins.

Note: The switches on ‘Esc’ and ‘1’ are turned 180′ to accomodate for the usb connector.

6) If any pins are bent, you can pop the switch out using the tip of a pen.

7) Tighten the screws on the PCB.

8) Place keycaps onto the switches. Give each keycap a firm push to secure them properly.

9) Stick the rubber feet onto the bottom of the case

10) Screw the bottom and top case together. The depression on the bottom case should face the front of the keyboard.

11) Plug in your tokyo60 and start typing!

Some of my keys don’t work:
If there’s a key that doesn’t work, check for a bent switch pin. Pop the key out from the bottom with the tip of a pen. Straighten out the pen if necessary and re-insert the switch. if this doesn’t work, then please contact Massdrop support who can walk you through the process of a PCB replacement.