Minimal hacker style mechanical keyboard designed in Tokyo. Full aluminum hi-pro construction with integrated top-plate. Cherry MX compatible and fits most standard 60% PCBs.

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We love the clean silhouette of the happy hacking keyboard and wanted to make our own interpretation of a timeless classic. Inspired by the elegance of Japanese engineering, the Tokyo60 case is made of just two pieces; a full 6-series aluminum top with integrated plate, and a changeable bottom in nylon or aluminum.

The Tokyo60 features a low-rise hi-pro design with a gentle bezel to combine the finesse of a high profile aesthetic, with the sleekness of a low-pro case.

The layout is fixed ANSI HHKB Winkeyless 60-key with split backspace and right shift. We believe that this is one of the best layouts out there, combining functionality and efficiency with elegant an elegant symmetry. There are no current plans to support ISO or JIS layouts.

Our philosophy is that less is more and that it’s better to do fewer things well than to do many poorly. The Tokyo60 will be released as a series of drops with each run featuring a limited set of colors and options. We do this so that each release can be at it’s highest quality.

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Render Gallery

Preproduction Prototype Gallery


3D printed prototypes finished

Manufacturer secured for prototype production

First round aluminum prototypes received

Closed Beta in progress


Pricing TBD.


  • Supports standard 60% PCBs w/ Cherry MX style switches
  • Fixed ANSI HHKB layout.
  • 5deg fixed angle.
  • Two piece design w/ interchangeable bottoms.
  • Hi-profile design.
  • Aluminum case w/ aluminum bottom or under-glow nylon bottom.





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